You all know that stationary is the most important thing, especially for school-going kids, so having the right stationery is the primary need of every school-going kid or teenager, girl or boy. Mothers are always searching for the best for their kids, and this is when Sparkles comes to your mind. Welcome to Sparkles, where we offer a wide range of kid's stationary items that are both fun and functional! Whether your child is just starting school or has been attending for a while, we have everything they need to succeed and have fun while doing it.

Wide range of stationary products

Our collection of kid's stationery items includes everything from notebooks and pencils to backpacks and lunch boxes. Stationary items should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, which is why we offer a variety of colorful and creative designs that are sure to catch your child's eye. Furthermore, here you will also find the highlighters for school.


One of our most popular items is our range of notebooks, which come in various sizes and designs. From spiral-bound to hardcover, our notebooks are perfect for jotting down notes, writing stories, or even doodling during class. We also offer notebooks with inspirational quotes and fun designs that your child will love.

Pencil collection

Our pencil collection is also a hit with kids of all ages. We offer a variety of colorful and unique pencils that are perfect for schoolwork or drawing. We have something for every child's taste, from glittery pencils to scented ones. We also offer pencil cases and sharpeners to keep your child's pencils organized and ready to use. In addition, we also provide the best highlighters for school-going kids.

Lunch boxes

In addition to traditional stationary items, we also offer a range of backpacks and lunch boxes perfect for school or day trips. Our backpacks are not only functional, but they are also stylish and come in various designs that your child is sure to love. We also offer lunch boxes that are both practical and fun, with designs that range from unicorns to superheroes.

Art kits and stamp sets

We understand that kids love to express themselves, so we also offer a range of creative items, such as stamp sets and art kits. Our stamp sets include a variety of stamps and ink pads that are perfect for creating homemade cards or decorating notebooks. Our art kits include everything your child needs to make their masterpiece, including paints, brushes, and canvases.

At Sparkles, we believe that stationary items should be more than just tools for learning; they should also be fun and exciting for kids. Our collection of kid's stationery items is designed to do just that, with a wide range of practical and creative products. We hope you find everything you need to help your child succeed and have fun.