Parents are always worried about their child's health and try their best to keep their child's health well-maintained. You all know drinking a specific amount of water is essential to keeping yourself healthy. If you are searching for a kid's bottle and sipper, don’t worry; just visit Sparkles. Welcome to Sparkles, kids bottles and sippers section! We understand the importance of providing your child with the best products, especially regarding hydration. Our range of bottles and sippers has been carefully selected to ensure they are safe, durable, and fun for your little ones.

Durable and perfect for all

Firstly, let's talk about our bottles. Our thermos bottles are made from high-quality materials that are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic. We understand that your child's health is a top priority, so we only stock products that have passed strict safety tests. Our cute water bottles come in various sizes and designs to suit your child's needs, from small bottles perfect for toddlers to larger bottles suitable for older children.

Insulated bottles

One of the unique features of our kid’s water bottles is that they are designed to keep your child's drink at the perfect temperature. Our insulated bottles will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, while our thermal bottles will keep drinks warm for up to 12 hours. This is especially useful for parents who are always on the go, as it means your child can enjoy their drink at the perfect temperature no matter where they are.


Now, let's move on to our sipper bottle. Our sippers are perfect for younger children learning to drink from a cup. They have soft spouts that are gentle on gums and teeth and easy for little hands to hold. Our sippers come in various designs, from animal prints to superhero themes, so your child will surely find one they love.

Spill proof sippers

One of the best things about our sippers is that they are spill-proof. We know how frustrating it can be to clean up spills, especially when you're out and about, so we've ensured our sippers won't leak. This means you can let your child use their sipper confidently, knowing their drink won't end up all over the floor!

Easy to wash

All of our products are easy to clean and maintain. Our bottles and sippers are dishwasher safe, or you can simply rinse them out with warm soapy water. We recommend cleaning them regularly to ensure they stay hygienic and in good condition.

Various colors and styles

We believe drinking should be fun, so we've chosen bright, colorful, and engaging products. Our bottles and sippers come in various fun designs, from unicorns to dinosaurs, so your child will find one they love. We also stock a range of accessories, such as bottle holders and backpacks, to make carrying their drink even more fun.

Safe for kids

Our range of kid's bottles and sippers is safe, durable, and fun for your little ones. We have carefully selected products that are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic, so you can be confident in your purchase. Our bottles are designed to keep drinks at the perfect temperature, while our sippers are spill-proof and easy for little hands to hold. We believe drinking should be fun, so we've chosen bright, colorful, and engaging products. Thank you for choosing our website for your child's hydration needs.